Yolks and Spokes

Yolks and Spokes documents breakfast culture along the Mississippi River through multimedia storytelling. In 2015, podcaster Dana Bialek and I rode our bicycles approximately 2,000 miles, beginning at Lake Itasca in the Minnesota North Woods, through the mid-continental United States and the cultural centers of Minneapolis, St. Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans, ending at the Gulf of Mexico. We were curious about how people eat eggs and why they eat them the way that they do. As we pedaled along the river, we sat around breakfast tables with ordinary strangers who consume eggs in all of the ordinary ways - hard or easy, boiled soft, scrambled, sunny-side up - and let the ceremony of preparing and eating eggs hatch an array of unexpected human stories. 


Portland Repair Finder

Portland Repair Finder is dedicated to helping more people fix more things. We make tools, knowledge, and resources easier to find, and help tell the stories behind repair work. We believe that repairing things is good for the local economy, community and environment, and it is empowering and fun.

Since 2017, we've been documenting stories of repair shops, events, and do-it-yourselfers in the Portland, Oregon area. As the visual storyteller for PRF, I help fill in the dots on the map to help make repair more relatable and accessible.

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