We'll be biking downriver May through June 2015.  Follow along on our website!

Yolks and Spokes documents breakfast culture along the Mississippi River through multimedia storytelling with an ovular lens: the egg. We are creating a map of stories that connect us to people and their plates, celebrating the food traditions that we practice everyday.

We are riding our bicycles approximately 2,000 miles, beginning at Lake Itasca in the Minnesota North Woods, through the mid-continental United States and the cultural centers of Minneapolis, St. Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans, ending at the Gulf of Mexico. This route offers a dynamic natural, human, and food landscape. Yet the egg has a shape and a language that everyone shares. We are curious about how people eat eggs and why they eat them the way that they do. As we pedal along the river, we’ll be sitting around breakfast tables with ordinary strangers who consume eggs in all of the ordinary ways - hard or easy, boiled soft, scrambled, sunny-side up - and let the ceremony of preparing and eating eggs hatch an array of unexpected human stories. 

Dana Bialek and Sara Quinn are morning people, storytellers, and recent graduates from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine. They share a taste for good eggs, homespun meals, and working up an appetite on a bicycle. They’ll be flexing their eyes, ears, pens, and palates, producing a collection of photo, video, audio, and written stories.   

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